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Asma is an early career artist working in London. She has been commissioned by several organisations on a variety of creative projects including Tate, Duke University Press and the US Embassy in London.

To create her pieces Asma combines found images, magazine editorials, personal photography, paint and illustration. She employs a variety of traditional (handcut / "analog") and contemporary (digital) collage and graphic design styles and techniques in her work, which has been described as energetic, emotive and surreal.

Asma is most interested in adding to the larger narrative surrounding beauty standards, identity, heritage and decolonisation and aims to make relatable statements in her work about the racial and sexual depiction, representation and experience of "othered" women, with special interest to those who, like herself, make up the SWANA diaspora.

Her ultimate goal is to inspire in herself as well as the viewer, a sense of rebellion from the issues that add to individual and collective feelings of disempowerment.  She believes collage is the perfect medium for this as it allows her to “re-appropriate the master appropriators” and the very media deemed responsible, in part, for perpetuating and upholding oppressive ideology and systems.

Asma is also the founder of RIOT SOUP, an art collective and community for Black and Brown women artists in London.

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