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workshop feedback


I thought your feedback to each participant's work was really considered, thoughtful, and encouraging. You're a natural workshop leader/ teacher! Also, you were so forthcoming and vulnerable when talking about your own work, which I feel really opened up the space for participants to do the same.

You created a really supportive space for us to create and gave good examples.


It was great! I really enjoyed it much more than I expected.

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The space was held so beautifully it felt really safe.


The organising was excellent, the idea was spot on, most needed at this time after a long period of absence from community groups.

The visualisation task was great, and I loved the environment that you set up where people felt free to express, without judgement and with just enough gentle encouragement!

Creating a space for others to socialize and create their own art work


Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to explore my creativity - and my mind - while doing collage with the lovely company and insights of you and the other participants. I also had a great time - mainly - listening to your stories and experiences and watching you all bravely sharing parts of you.

I liked how you efficiently used the time doing many activities while keeping connection in conversations and also having a short break for refreshment. Also having the freedom to explore while doing the activities was nice.

Thank you for a surprising beautiful
transformative experience.

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